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The intention and purpose of B. Carey Inc is to help others discover, know and share their unique gifts, and services. Your inherent essence is brilliant, bold, and worthy. Through collaborative branding or a rededication to your Soul's work, we can bring your essence and inspiration to fruition. 

Whether you are building a brand, reconnecting to your Soul's purpose; working on multi-generational healing or moving your body; I want you to shine. 



A Blessing + Sacred Heart-to-Heart

What are you curious about these days? What has peeked your interest?

What sort of seeds are you planting in your garden?


I created curiosity calls to cultivate a space where you can dive deep in the exploration of your SELF through the art of platica, or, scared heart-to-heart conversation.


No matter the nature of the call, you will receive a blessing from me and with the remainder of our time we can pull cards (oracle or tarot), I can answer creative questions, we can use this time to brainstorm, or we can enter into an intentional and intuitive platica (heart-to-heart conversation) to help you find resolve. In these calls I can answer questions as they pertain to your four manifestations (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional), I can help you strategize for your new or growing business, and I can help you get your wheels turning

right in time for the turn in season.

30 Minutes | $44

Curiosity Calls


$111 an hour, deposit required

Blessing your home, business or land is a beautiful way to reinvigorate, refresh and reenergize the space you occupy. 

Having a space blessed readies the space for intentional movement forward. 

The history, stories, conversations, and generational traumas of all who reside in any space, leave energetic residue behind, some more dense then others. Breakups, deaths, construction, and day-to-day living impacts the way a space feels, and more often then we know energies become stuck in spaces, or attached to things. 

Space blessings are a beautiful way to free up lost, dense or unnecessary energies and give you the opportunity to grow in ,and infuse a space with new and more high vibration energy.

Each space blessing is unique. I do this sacred work with two incredible sisters in my community to bring life back to each space we enter. 

If you are interested in booking a home, business or land blessing,

please fill out the form using the button below. 

Space Blessing


4 Recorded Weekly Readings a Month

 What you get:

➸ 4 Weekly Recorded + Delivered Readings

each Tuesday of the month 

➸ An Intention for your Week 

Sign up using the button below. 



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