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This 40-day meditation program will help you cultivate a daily meditation practice. You will learn a variety of meditation and breathing techniques,  and of course meditate daily for 40 days. I will offer additional workshops along the way, to help you learn and build the ways you can hold space for your Self. 


Upon sign up you will be invited to our community forum where we will share, inspire, grow and heal together. Your healing and connection throughout this journey are ineveitable. You will discover new truths and reconnect to your divine potential. This daily practice is excellent for stress managment, and giving yourself an intentional moment each day. 

Resentment, criticism, guilt and fear are the cause of pain, discontentment and dis-ease in the body and being. By practicing daily meditation you begin to look in the peripherals, and retrain the subconscious beliefs. Your daily practice will improve your well-being and your ability to cope with life's challenges and traumas.

There will be optional journal prompts,  andwhen you cannot write you can just consider and ponder these questions. I will offer  optional workshops to deepen your practice nd support you during this 40-day program. Each one of these workshops will be offered at a discounted rate to program participants.  


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