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Falling Into Place

Fall is a time for reaping what you have sown; a time for gathering your harvest, and noticing your abundance. Today is the 17th day of Fall. This past summer required balancing the urge to run away and hide from life, and staying focused. Some days it’s been a no-brainer, other days it’s been like pulling teeth.

One thing is certain, I got clear on my intentions and clear on the direction in which I wanted to travel. Yoga is a part of my lifeline, not that I couldn’t live without yoga, but when you find your calling, you just know. I know that I am supposed to teach, I know that I am supposed to share with others, and I know I am gifted with the ability to inspire, help and heal people.

Some time this Summer I decided I wanted to teach a yoga workshop. I grappled with what the workshop would be about, but I knew I wanted to host something impactful. I had no idea where to start when I received an email from CPY Central Park about hosting a workshop. They were looking for someone to propose a workshop curriculum to help manage stress and anxiety. It was divine timing.

I am consistently over committing. Like, I ALWAYS HAVE TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE. But this time, while I was over committed, I respectfully followed my heart and gave up a huge commitment in order to give my all to creating a magic workshop. Not only did I create a magic workshop, I also proposed teaching my workshop in multiple spaces and stepped into my power. This didn't mean giving up teaching what I was already committed to, but changing my focus and finding new direction.

In the midst of creating a workshop I also birthed SImply B Yoga. It’s still green and still taking form but I am excited to bring my yoga community a variety of offerings. Keep your eyes peeled for events, meditations, inspiration, and lots of love all curated by ME!

Sending love and light,


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